And now there's a novel too.

I have worked on a novel in my head for some time. The album, or more specifically the songs, are snapshots from a narrative I have completed. 85k words, four personal edits and waiting for a third party editor to complete his work. It's a very personal story, part biographical, part fiction, heart and soul.

Also titled The Dinosaur Garden, it will close the chapter on this multimedia project.

More on this soon.



There's a video for every track on the LP The Dinosaur Garden. You can view them on our Vimeo page as they are released or check this page and tab which will be updated as they are released. Convenient.

Some of the songs have been edited or modified for the visuals. The videos connect together to form a non linear narrative, taking ideas and language from the songs. Playing the main character from different time periods are Steeve Patrick as The Witness, Emily Walker as Youth and Alastair Hesketh-Jones as John Doe. Paddy O is also part of the show dressed in a monkey onesie, lest we forget.

Without further ado, here are the videos so far:

The Origami Child



La Dame Lézard

Mind The Gap part 1


Psychic Bones segue mix

Vodou Love Song

Body Extensions

More will follow.



The album is finally out in the wild. Available on Bandcamp. You can buy it here. The digital album comes in various formats from lossless to lossy, it includes an extensive pdf book filled with artwork, video stills, words and more. Also thrown in for good measure is an epic remix of LP track PSYCHIC BONES by the fabulous Anthony Von Seck.

So much on the LP The Dinosaur Garden is about reflections, alternate images, mirroring. The album's length is 50:15 so I thought it should be released on 30 03. Makes perfect sense.

2017 was marred with the loss of much of our work, original files, equipment. Computers also went bunkers, our Annus Horribilis. 2018 however will be our Annus Mirabilis. Losing a lot of the original recordings for the album meant going back in the studio which gave us new songs, new versions and a cracking new mix. We're thrilled with the result, I hope you'll agree.

We'll also make a point of being more prolific online throughout the year as we have a lot to share, but that would be telling. Just wait and see.

The LP is also available on all other major digital services as a standard twelve tracks.



So the iBooks team has approved my book much MUCH sooner than expected. I'm looking at March 30th for the release but hey ho, let's go!

Filled to the brim with stills from all the videos, lyrics, artwork by Steve Jacuzzi Hardstaff, little pictures and a fabulous conversation I barely recollect (it was recorded thankfully).

Get it here.

I'm preparing a PDF version for a wider reach too. It will be included with the release of the LP, soon.

{ FALLEN - EP + free iBook available now }

FALLEN is available from iTunes worldwide.

The EP includes Fallen (Radio Edit), an edited version of the epic club remix of Lady Lizard and the Pascal Galway suite - Psychic Bones (Genesis Mix) followed by a little melody I've played on the piano since my childhood aptly named Vieille Fugue Enfantine

Legend Steve Jacuzzi brings his unique talent to the mix once more with the third part of the Dinosaur Garden tryptic, the first being the album's cover coming very soon.

Also available is the companion digital booklet FREE on iBooks. The exclusive iBook includes detailed liner notes, lyrics, a gallery of artwork and a conversation between the artist and those involved. Get it here.

{ LADY LIZARD - EP + free iBook available now }

LADY LIZARD is available from iTunes worldwide.

The EP includes Lady Lizard (Singular Mix), a smashing club remix by DJ Loup-Gazou inspired by the Montréal club scene: Lady Lizard (Between Parking & Sky Club Mix) and the epic psychedelic trance treatment of LP track Psychic Bones by friend and multi talented artist Von Seck. Fallen (Naked Version), a stripped down mix of another album cut, softly ends the affair.

Legend Steve Jacuzzi brings his unique talent to the mix with a stunning cover. Watch out for the poster available soon.

Also available is the companion digital booklet FREE on iBooks. The exclusive iBook includes detailed liner notes, lyrics, the video to Lady Lizard and a gallery of artwork. Get it here.



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